Friday, November 14, 2014

The Most Beautiful Outdoor Decorating Ideas

There is a new way of understanding the outdoor spaces: they are an extension of the house, and as such, can have from carpets to floor cushions, mirrors and all kinds of decorative items.

Classic materials such as wicker, cane or rattan remain trend become even harder. but other materials such as forging adopt fresh air and go abroad as daybeds or great vintage armchairs.

Another novelty is that any outdoor space for small urban than it is likely to become the most suggestive chillout. The wooden benches filled with cushions and surrounded by plants are able to transform a small terrace in the garden of delights.

A great way to take advantage of a courtyard: a bank of work, cushions, a triangular canopy and mirror.The plants take the rest.

Much better than a Balinese bed. Some chairs made from old pallets, a simple roof made of reeds and the freshness of a unique pool.

Look how wonderful idea to take a place in the countryside. Oriental inspiration in the details.

The wicker chairs still full trend and continue to look perfect in places like this patio.

In a cobbled corner of the garden, a very boho chic decor outdoor canopy included (hanging from a tree) on Persian carpets, prepared with several cushions to relax and enjoy the shade.

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