Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Acapulco Chair, One of The Most Recognizable Chairs Design From Mexico.

The Acapulco chair is one of the most recognizable chairs design in decades. Originated from Mexico, the chair becomes part of the world furniture design in last 5 decades. It's stylish and comfort and until now, no one knows who is the creator and still remain as an anonymous design.

This chair is popular in the 50s and 60s from the twentieth century Hollywood celebrities such as Elvis Presley, Ursula Andress, John Wayne and Liz Taylor, who has chosen the famous cliffs of La Quebrada in Acapulco as their holiday destination (also John Kennedy and his wife, Jackie). So the history of this legendary designer chairs associated with people jumping vacuum of "divers" from the towering cliffs on the south coast of Mexico.

Acapulco Chairs Design Kept Evolve Until This Day.

But what is special about the Acapulco chair to remain as attractive on sixty years later? It is made by hand, but with a "modern" era material: plastic coated metal. It's shaped mimics the sun's rays, and the separation between them allows air to pass, ideal for coping hot weather on the summer.

As you know, the sun's rays are recurrent in the Mayan tradition, but also the design mimics a traditional technique of this Mexican village to build hammocks. In the 60s, it became the iconic design of Acapulco, and has continued to this day to be manufactured using various craft techniques in Mexico and, increasingly, in other countries.

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