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8 Great WWE Coloring Pages For Your Children

Wwe is a wrestling entertainment show that much favored by children. Therefore, WWE Coloring Pages is perfect to spend your children spare time. The children are usually very interested in coloring pages related to what they liking. One of them is probably this show. There are many characters in the WWE coloring pages, such as John Cena, Randy Orton, Cm Punk, Jeff Hardy, Batista, The Rock and many more.

WWE Coloring Pages For Your Children's Creativity

Today I will post some of the characters from the WWE that are present on coloring pages format. Have fun!

1. John Cena

wwe coloring pages john cena

John Cena character is very popular lately. John Cena is described as a savior character and often win the the match.

2. Cm Punk

wwe coloring page

Cm Punk comes with a typical style which is cool, especially on his tattoo. On this WWE coloring pages, Cm punk show his tattoo.

3. Randy Orton

wwe coloring pages randy orton

Randy Orton is a 12 times world champion, eight of them are WWE Championship.

4. Jeff Hardy

wwe coloring pages of jeff hardy

Jeff Hardy is a old time character in the WWE show. When first appeared, Jeff Hardy is shown with its twin Matt Hardy, they compactness become an interesting story in the WWE

5. Sin Cara
wwe coloring pages to print

Sin Cara is always present with his mask.

6. Rey Misterio

coloring pages wwe

Rey Misterio is look the same as Sin Cara, they were both wearing masks. Rey Mysterio is a former old character played by Rey Mysterio Sr, who is the uncle of the current character.

7. Batista

wwe wrestling coloring pages

Batista has an original name David Michael "Dave" Bautista, Jr. Besides playing in the WWE, he also is a professional mixed martial artist.

8. The Rock

wwe coloring pages of the rock

The Rock is one of the popular character in his time. Because of its popularity, The Rock finally successfully played in several movies, which until now he had played a many movies, some of which became box office.

That all WWE coloring pages which is I posted today. Enjoy coloring!.

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