Tuesday, October 14, 2014

16 Creative Basement Ceiling Ideas for your Basement

Want to turn your basement becomes more useful? Here are some basement ceiling ideas that you can apply in your basement. Basement remodeling is an interesting thing to do. Basement generally just end up being a warehouse with a lot of empty space in it. If the usused goods are stacking neatly in a cabinets, so many things you can do with your basement. Remodeling the basement becomes a comfortable room would have to pay attention to the design of the ceiling. Because the ceiling is an important part and has many functions. Basement ceiling is where the lights arranged and will greatly affect the beauty of your basement room. Here is some basement ceiling ideas that I found from various source.

16 cool basement ceiling ideas pictures for you references

Ceiling  on this basement is made simple and still retain the original shape. Suitable if you very love the minimalist modern design.

This ceiling design is suitable if you want to remodeled the basement, which is rather large with a quite luxurious view.

If you prefer a basement for having fun, then this kind of ceiling design is suitable for playing billiard or something else.

Want to make a mini bar in the basement of your home? This is how you can design the ceiling.

A simple basement ceiling ideas for simple basement room

For those who like to exercise, of course, has a basement that functions as a workout place is a fun thing. A basement designed as a workout and fitness place and you can try that ceiling design.

Ceiling design above is looks very natural. Maybe you are one of those who love the natural design as above

This image is about basement bar design also, but you can see at the ceiling designs which  are made ​​very differently than the image before.

The ceiling design is not too changed from its original form, only painted with white paint. Ceiling designs like this must be quite cheap cost.

The basement picture above is designed with several rooms. There are a bedroom, play room and a living room. If you have a fairly large basement and want to remodeling the basement to be like this, that’s ceiling designs can be your reference.

Did you have children who need room to playing while you do not have anymore space at home? Then you can utilize your basement becomes a playroom. Basement ceiling ideas above are very suitable for a playroom. With a bright light, children would be more comfortable playing in their playroom

Ceiling designs like above is not in the basement, but such designs also can applied on a living room in the basement.

Mini bar display combined with a living room. You can apply ceiling designs like this to a fairly large basement.

The ceiling design is quite unique because it uses wood as the ceiling. This wood presents a wonderful design and natural in your basement.

The ordinary ceiling design ideas but enough to make your basement more attractive.

Basement Ceiling design that delivers a luxurious look and of course with some fancy equipment too.

That's 16 cool and creative basement ceiling ideas basement for your pictures, hope you enjoy it and happy to remodeling!.

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