Tuesday, October 7, 2014

13 Great DIY Greenhouse ideas

Hi all, today I will try to post  about DIY Greenhouse. Having a greenhouse is something that many people want. Having a greenhouse will make you have fresh vegetables every day in the winter. Greenhouse is also very good if used to grow the plants before being transferred to the farm. This case will make it much easier to maintenance. Greenhouse also have functions to grow many different plants in one place. This is due to the more stable and arranged temperature in there.

A greenhouse is actually very easy to make by yourself. But many people are confused with the greenhouse models to be created. For that I will give you some ideas of greenhouse that you will be able to create by yourself.

13 great DIY GreenHouse Ideas to Plan.

These four greenhouses is the design that I liked. Designed like a house with neat workmanship. Greenhouse as like this is suitable if you have a large space in your land.

diy greenhouse

diy greenhouse plans

diy greenhouses

greenhouse diy

The two greenhouses below are the standard design if you do not have a space that is too broad. It could make from wood or PVC.

diy greenhouse design

diy pvc greenhouse

There are also some mini greenhouses can made by your own if you only have a few spaces available.

diy mini greenhouse

diy small greenhouse

mini greenhouse diy

diy greenhouse kits

If you do not have any more space outside the home, you can make indoor greenhouse.

indoor greenhouse diy

diy indoor greenhouse

Then there is lean greenhouse design also.

diy lean to greenhouse

That 13 DIY greenhouse ideas that I successfully gathered. Happy to make your own greenhouse.

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