Wednesday, September 17, 2014

4 Beautiful Elsa Coloring Pages to Print

Hi everybody!. I want to continue my previous post about frozen coloring pages here. If you feel all the awesome coloring pages still less, so today I will add some only for you all. The picture that I will post today is more specific. This is about a bad character in the film of frozen elsa the snow queen. Here are some elsa coloring pages which I successfully collect.

Elsa Coloring Pages

Some Coloring Pages of Elsa

At first, Elsa is not a bad character. Elsa is the older sister of Anna, the main character of this film. Elsa very loves anna but she has the power that she can not control (at first). This power comes from the curse. Because of fear to injuring Anna, his beloved sister, then Elsa run away from home and living in a mountain where she made ​​her own snow castle.

1. Elsa The Snow Queen

coloring pages of elsa from frozen
2. Elsa coloring pages that you can print with high resolution

elsa coloring pages printable

3. Elsa with her angry power, can print in high resolution

4. Elsa and Anna playing together when they were kid.

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