Friday, September 19, 2014

8 Great Olaf Coloring Pages Frozen

Do you know Olaf? Olaf is a snowman that appears in the frozen movie. Now, I will discuss about Olaf coloring pages. Why coloring page? Cause Olaf is the one of character that children liked in the frozen movie. Olaf is very funny, friendly and innocent.

Here are 8 Great Olaf Coloring Pages in High Resolutions.

1. Olaf when the first time meet Anna.

olaf coloring pages

Did you know that Olaf at the beginning of the film was created as an Elsa castle guard? Yup, this role finally changed by the time the film was made. Olaf then described as “the first of Elsa pancake”. You know, Elsa was run away from home to a mountain. There, she was trying to learn about her powers, so then Olaf created as a first pancake of Elsa. Elsa was finally able to make a beautiful castle on top of this mountain.

2.  Olaf in summer coloring pages
coloring pages of olaf from frozen

3. Olaf in 1413 x 2000 px resolution.
coloring pages of olaf
4. Olaf in high resolution to print

olaf the snowman coloring pages

5. Olaf playing with flower
disney olaf coloring pages

6. Olaf with Anna

olaf coloring pages printable

7. Olaf and Sven

olaf and sven coloring pages

8. Olaf relaxing on the beach

olaf coloring pages frozen

That's 9 great Olaf coloring pages to coloring by your children. These coloring pages were collected from various sources. For other frozen coloring pages, you can view here or if you want to find about Elsa coloring pages please visit here.

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