Friday, May 13, 2011

Understanding how ED medications work

Today you can ask just anybody about such a sensitive topic as erectile dysfunction and they will tell you all about the possible remedies and medications available. The advent of oral medications for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and their consequent marketing has revolutionized the way people see the problem at cause. Now no one is shy about discussing erectile dysfunction and it has become an ordinary health condition just like diabetes, blood pressure problems or any other health condition. But with all the success behind erectile dysfunction medications have they become a real cure for the problem and is it time to forget about erectile dysfunction at all?

The most widely spread misconception millions of men share all over the world is that ED medications can really treat male impotence. In order to explain why this assumption is erroneous it's necessary to understand what erectile dysfunction is in the first place. Most people think that erectile dysfunction is a stand-alone condition that develops over some time independently of all other conditions. But any doctor will tell you that ED is more of a symptom to more serious health conditions rather than a separate illness. Male impotence never takes place in a perfectly healthy male body without any apparent cause. There's always something more serious affecting erectile functions in the body, the most common causes being hypertension, heart diseases, high cholesterol, diabetes, hormonal imbalance, psychological issues and other circumstances. So it's apparent that in order to get rid of erectile dysfunction you'll have to eliminate the condition at cause, which leads to the actual treatment of the underlying condition.

So what do drugs like Levitra and Viagra do if ED is not a disease? Aren't they effective at all? Of course they are - millions of men will confirm it. But it's wrong to say that drugs like Levitra actually treat erectile dysfunction. They only help eliminate the effects of it in order to make sexual intercourse possible. All ED drugs work by intensifying the blood flow into the penis upon sexual excitement, which results in strong and durable erection. This allows enjoying sexual activity for some time but once the drug effects wear off it's all back to the same situation as earlier. This is comparable to the way painkillers work - they relieve pain for some time but they do not eliminate the actual cause behind it, so it's erroneous to say that painkillers can help you treat arthritis or any other painful conditions.

Of course, no-one is denying the fact that erectile dysfunction medications have made a big leap in the treatment of this sensitive health issue. Compared to the situation only 20 years ago, we can certainly say that drugs like Levitra and Cialis have made a big breakthrough and allowed millions of men to enjoy sexual activity regardless of their diagnosis. Nevertheless, it's also very important to understand the limitations behind these drugs as they aren't a magic cure to impotency. You'll have to take them every time you want to have sex. Unless, of course, you do something about the underlying conditions causing the problems in bed.

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