Monday, October 19, 2009

Natural Health Drinks Vs Energy Drinks - Alkaline Drinks Make Today sports drinks seem Candy

Comparing health drinks or beverages are naturally alkaline with a "big" sports drinks or energy drinks a little 'how to compare the benefits of eating peaches, lemons and the benefits of eating candy. That 'the wind!

· First, health drinks really useful properties alkaline in nature so that the ingredients in processed food is still intact along with the life of plant enzymes and natural antioxidants. This makes it easier for your body absorb valuable nutrients essential for electrolyte replacement.

• Second, the alkaline beverage formulated with natural ingredients that are good for pH balance, while sports drinks and energy drinks are acid forming. They create the alkaline / acid imbalance in the blood.

Natural health beverage containing real alkali as a food ingredient. This is very different from all the colored dye, "natural taste", isolated vitamins and sweeteners found in many vitamins dangerous artificial water, energy drinks and sports drinks are advertised today.

Of course, some nutritional and herbal beverages in a healthy alkaline naturally this may not seem as sophisticated as something like "sucralose (sweetener in sports drinks, which are made by the chlorination process), but much more profitable to 'body.

When deciding whether to consume energy drinks or beverages formulated colorful natural health, let's see how that makes sense to compare them.

Sports drinks:

· Some ingredients of water, natural taste, sucralose, vitamin B isolated, laboratory and other products, artificial nutrients. Thus, in this energy drink of water is produced, processed chlorine sweeteners, vitamins and natural sense identified artificially creating your body does not recognize as nutrients from whole foods. There is real strawberries, peaches or other fruit. Even if there is any food ingredients, the temperature used in processing will destroy the live enzymes. Without this living plant enzymes your body absorb the nutrients are not available. So how much vitamin alone in this sport, "enhanced" drink will actually be used for energy?

Course Alkaline Health Drink:

· Natural lemon, peach, raspberry or cinnamon-flavored drink made with lye water, lemon juice to remove the real, real peach juice or raspberry, and some herbal ingredients that you may not recognize. Research behind nutrition facts label found that natural materials contain valuable plant nutrients found in foods as a whole, a more lively and powerful antioxidant enzymes. If treated properly at low temperatures, the enzymes in the food easier to live cells to absorb nutrients. As an added bonus, the natural properties of alkaline food ingredients to add balance to all the acid-forming foods and drinks most people consume every day. (To learn more about alkaline foods and drinks for alkaline pH balance, pick Alkaline Food Test).

In the example above, is clearly a choice between sports drinks are more likely to tear your body down, or a natural alkaline health drink that will build your body. The price is almost the same, taste the fruit is real vs. artificial and health benefits are very different. It seems easy to make wise choices. However, many people are confused by all the hype, and all colored bottle or a lack of real information heady nutrition facts label. Instead of honest nutritional facts, the genes for the marketing of sports drinks this section tells you how you're cool if you drink their bombs, "improve" the power to fluorescent lamps cost of energy drinks.

This revved world most people want to enter, leave and get encouragement. When feeling tired, easy to understand something you have been led to believe that it is good for you. In fact, you can do more harm than good. Fortunately, now you know better.

Understanding more about what you eat and drink makes it easier to motivate yourself to a better choice. You can see through the eyes of candy tv and take a few minutes to do research. Once you see through the hype quickly learn because the bases natural health drink is much better for you to all the bright waters of vitamin E, mood enhancement, energy drinks and sports drinks food waste.

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