Monday, October 19, 2009

Energy drink - health risks - and this is not for kids

Energy drink are sold everywhere. They are marketed to consumers under 30 years old and the market become a student and athlete. More youth marketing is going, although many of energy drinks may be a warning about it not for the kids. And manufacturers can claim they're not marketing to kids, but when the distributors say they want to go back to our schools and the distribution of these products for free, pamphlets, and for me they are marketing to children.

They are comfortable and drink described as giving you energy and keeps you active and alert. Energy drinks do not provide the type of food you need a good body. Health risks they offer.

• Energy drinks contain large doses of caffeine and sugar, which together with other stimulants such as ephedrine, guarana, and ginseng

• energy drinks contain as much caffeine in a cup of coffee there. Differences drinking a cup of coffee and energy drink with a cup of coffee, energy drinks, and drank a few times and drank one after another

• consumed quickly, and the flow of caffeine and sugar in the bloodstream, giving you a jolt of caffeine and increase blood sugar levels and blood pressure, which makes your heart beat faster

• High levels of sugar and caffeine can cause symptoms such as irritability, anxiety, insomnia, nausea and severe enough to require hospitalization

• energy drink known as to dry our bodies when we drink and the practice

• Energy drinks have become very popular and mixers for alcoholic beverages. Energy provided by caffeine and sugar quickly sleepy faces produced by alcohol, the drinker will be able to party for a period longer.

• What will also enjoy greater than drunk the next morning, thanks to the drought that produced by caffeine.

• One of the potential dangers is that drinkers may not realize how drunk they are and try to drive, or drink to excess poverty.

• After the stimulant effects of caffeine wears off, depression of the central nervous system is still able to throw a mustache in their sleep, and vomiting: Pull to choke, or experience shortness of breath.

Pregnant women and children should not drink energy drinks.

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