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Symptoms of diabetes

Diebetes types of symptoms that tend to have subtle in most cases, but if not treated, the disease can cause a more severe gajala such as:

Blurred vision - dry mouth, even after drinking - Nausea - Increased hunger, even just after a meal - Increased thirst - Frequent urination - Tingling in the hands or feet - or severe shortness of breath for no apparent reason

Other serious symptoms associated with Type I diabetes in desperate need of medical attention are:

Abdominal pain to loss of consciousness, these symptoms rarely in cases of extreme shaking, trembling rapid breathing and heartbeat Fruity or sweet-smelling breath

The cause of diabetes

Many factors that can encourage people to have Type I diabetes, but scientists still do not realize it. However, scientists understand that this disease has a tendency to be inherited. Environments can also cause reactions in the immune system that cause diabetes. Unfortunately, they are not sure triggers this condition.

Diagnosis of diabetes

The diagnosis can be done by checking the blood sugar level in blood tests or melaukan pengujan glucose or ketones in the urine. But for now there is no way to test will come with diabetes, or methods to prevent Type I diabetes is.

Treatment of diabetes (cure)

There are still many people, who enjoy a long life even have the Type I diabetes. Because they can control blood sugar closely (diet). A good diet can keep diacapai with good diet, exercise, and insulin therapy right consistentlyone that can do every day. Every person who has this disease must have insulin injections to maintain their blood sugar levels, and the test carried out regularly.

Type I diabetes is left alone or without treatment will cause some serious conditions, and will endanger your soul. In a condition known as nephropathy, kidney damage is a frequent complication occurred. In those who have a disease with a condition known as retinopathy, will cause loss of vision (blindness), poor blood circulation, nerve damage, heart disease, abdominal pain may also be the result without medical treatment.

Although it is considered a serious disease, juvenile diabetes is a disease that still can be successfully managed with healthy lifestyle and proper medical care.

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