Sunday, October 11, 2009

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Causes of anorexia

There is no obvious reason for the loss of appetite, which have been identified. However, research in the field of medical and psychological continue to explore possible causes of this disorder.

Anorexia usually begins with the pressure to be thin and attractive. Experts say that this condition can be caused by a dysfunction in families of patients developed anorexia. Certain types of dysfunction among family members of interdependence. In this case, family members failed to find their own identity as individuals. In children, which may include weakness of fear of growing up.

How to deal with anorexia

Just like other eating disorders, loss of appetite does not require admission to hospital - except in cases where severe weight loss were observed, which leads to damage to the device. Hospital for treatment of anorexia focuses on the replacement of essential nutrients in the body of the patient. Patients should be given one to three pounds a week to resolve this issue. Comprehensive treatment anorexia weight touches. A condition can be treated by a doctor or psychiatrist, depending on the progress of the disorder.

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