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Anorexia Disease

Anorexia is a disorder in which a person will avoid eating or as little as possible to avoid weight gain. This is usually seen in young people, the most common during puberty stage. Cases of individuals suffering from anorexia and severe weight loss. Body is usually 15% smaller than the ideal body weight. Anorexia too thin but they still believe that they are overweight. In short, they have worries get fat. This is why they develop the wrong habits. Anorexia is more common in adolescent girls than boys. Only 10% of all patients with anorexia are male.

That anorexia is believed to be overweight if they are thin or very, very bad indeed. Even worse, they could be on the verge of death because of his condition. Loss of appetite is very common for people with social economic status is high. People live in a world where the people around them suffer from waste and tend to develop loss of appetite. Dancer, model and actress, and usually suffer from this disorder. Anorexia nervosa is a health issue involving the neurobiological, psychological and sociological. It is a condition that can lead to serious complications such as death.

Anorexia symptoms

Just like any other disease, anorexia nervosa and different symptoms, although some patients did not experience any of them at all. The first symptom is a severe lack of consistency and one with age, build, and height.

Other symptoms of anorexia are:

1) the absence of menstruation for 3 consecutive months
2) refusal to eat in public places
3) attention
4) weak
5) the fragility of the skin
6) shortness of breath
7) abnormal obsession with calories

They can be observed physical symptoms of anorexia and behavioral, emotional, and psychological. Loss of appetite and can be associated with low blood flow in the lobe of time because of hunger. May show symptoms of anorexia at one of the physical characteristics can be determined easily. Extreme weight loss, stunted growth, reduced metabolism, and thinning hair, feeling constantly cold, and constipation are some common problems that exhibited anorexic patients.

Psychological symptoms of anorexia include luxurious, distorted body image and poor vision, and obsessive thoughts about food and weight. On the emotional side, and the symptoms of anorexia and self-esteem, fear of weight gain, depression, and mood. Excessive exercise and food restriction, loss of consciousness, and self-mutilation, suicidal tendencies, and the need to continually balance are symptoms of this disorder on the behavior.


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